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Welcome, my mission is to provide UAV (Drone) services to meet your business requirements - from industrial, property, utilities to farming, UAV can play a huge factor in driving efficiency and reducing the risk associated with existing methods.

See pages above for specific uses.

UAV technology:

We use the latest drones for industrial use, with precision GPS and ultra reliable flights - all with the required safety features required for CAA requirements.

All are flown, inspected and used within the CAA guidelines.

Technology available includes - 4 rotor, 6 rotor, 3-30x zoom lens, thermal IR lenses, 4k video, HD video, upto 20MP stills, surveys.

Full risk assessment completed for all tasks with an approved CAA operations manual in place.

Variety of delivery methods for your project - from DVD, memory card, USB to full PDF reports as required.

PLEASE NOTE: All drone operations  for commercial gain should be carried out by a PFCO CAA approved drone operator with valid insurance and CAA permissions.

Safety assured:

CAA approved (PfCO) #UAV3782

Fully insured for all works (Conforming with EC785/2004 Regulation) 

NEBOSH Health and Safety Diploma Level 6 qualified

CSCS card - expiry January 2020

Full risk assessment completed

H&S file produced and maintained for every project

Formal quotation for all work - detailing your requirements and deliverables.

Call or email for a full quotation: info@ottdrones.co.uk or 07538556099

Why use drones?

Reduce risks

Remove employees from potentially hazardous situations, reduce work at height risks, follow the hierachy of controls, 

Reduce costs

Drone use is cheaper and quicker than other access or photography methods. 

Could be used instead of scaffolding, MEWP's, helicopters, rope access methods.

Get the information you need

Real time display on the ground monitor can be used to get the exact information you need at the time of survey.

The aerial perspective of upto 400 feet offers a unique view and can turn a plain landscape into something dramatic

Access difficult areas

Over water, roof gulleys, chimney tops, unsafe structures, confined spaces - can all be accessed with no risk to employees.

Flexibility of lenses

From 30x zoom lens, to thermal to 4/3 sensors - the right lens ensures you get the right information in sufficient detail

Quick response

Surveys or inspections can be arranged at short notice, with reduced lead times compared to other methods. Allowing you to make decisions quicker.

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OTT Drones now listed on Drone Safe Register UK - https://www.dronesaferegister.org.uk/company/OTT-Drones

OTT Drones now listed on "Approved Drone Pilots" (ADP) directory - www.approveddronepilots.co.uk