Real estate or Domestic uses

Roof inspections

Roof inspection for local building company - identified a number of broken tiles and damage to ridge tiles. Home owner and builder were able to view the issues and quickly agree remedial works required, no scaffold or work at height required. 

Completion of works

Final check of new ridge system, chimney repairs and solar panel condition on property. 

Roof survey 1

Roof inspection for client, where access by MEWP was not an option due to restricted access area.

Roof survey 2

Roof survey of large warehouse unit - central drainage channels were not accessible, UAV access was easy and allowed the client visibility of condition.

Real estate

Use aerial photographs or video to promote your sale.

Breathe life into your property brochure - add aerial photography to show off your property to prospective purchasers - more viewers equals a better chance of selling and quicker!

Only with aerial photography can you capture the true scale and surrounding area of a property.

Holiday cottages

Use aerial photography to promote your holiday cottage. Giving prospective clients a birds eye view of where their holiday cottage is located and positioned - a picture speaks a thousand words!